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26 May 2010 @ 10:53 pm
My Brother's Senior Speech/Poem  
As I leave Taylor High School it is hard for me to take anything seriously. These are events in my life that led me to not care anymore.
In 9th grade I was excited to be in high school and just wanted to be accepted by my peers. I soon got into the popular game that is known as world of warcraft. When I first played I entered the world of warraft thinking to myself “wow I am gay” but that feeling soon changed. The world of warcraft asked me to create a character. I created a troll shaman by the name of gorgon. As I played I felt myself and gorgon becoming one. I was gorgon and gorgon was I. Me and my friends just played world of warcraft for hours on end. I would go home turn on some german rave music and just play world of warcraft. I thought we were the coolest kids in school. I played world of warcraft so much that every time I closed my eyes I would just see dragons and golems and picture myself fighting them. I would sit in class and think that it would be crazy if a golem just broke down the door and I saved everyone by fighting off the golem with my ogre strength sword and my cloak of elvenkin. And when I was done fighting the golem everyone would think I was cool and the mayor would hear about what I did and reward me with the key to the city. After this daydream I would open my eyes only to reality. At nights I would have the weirdest dreams of me playing world of warcraft. I would not even dream about being gorgon but playing gorgon on my chair with a mouse in my hand playing my computer, and to be honest those were my favorite dreams. But fantasy and reality were on a collision course. And when reality finally hit me it came in the form of a fist. Mike fan’s fists that is. It started because me and my friends boxed these 2 kids. I punched a kids head into a fence and he told his friends I was a dirty boxer. So they wanted to murder me. Before he beat me up me and my friends spent 10 minutes making world of warcraft jokes. My friend said he would cast a slowing spell on mike fan, and cast fireball on him. Me and 3friends just sat around telling jokes like this for 10 minutes saying if I get beat up they would just use a healing spell on me. Guess what this guy was immune to spells and made me eat his fists for ten minutes. At times I could hear his knuckles pop while he was punching me in the teeth. I don’t know I think I got knocked out I really cant remember. Some where between getting kneed in the liver and stomped on I realized that maybe its possible that I’m a loser. It was then that I stopped caring about where life took me. That night I logged into gorgon, but things just didn’t feel the same. I realized I am a loser. That night opened my eyes and paved the way for the rest of my life.
In 10th grade I moved in with my mom. My friends love to quote the things she says and her Asian accent. One time I spent the night at Tyler Baileys house and my mom showed up with a bag full of juice boxes and a box of ham incase I got hungry. Even Tyler Baileys parents made fun of me when she left. At that point I just didn’t even care anymore.
Other events that made me not take things seriously were Dr. Treifs wacky punishments. She created lunch detention and put me in it for two weeks in the beginning of the school one day I didn’t show up to lunch detention and her solution was more lunch detention. Another form of her wacky punishments was to take away our lunch table and have us eat on the ground for a week and that was the coolest thing ever. When she gave us our table back we decided we didn’t want it so we came up with a plan to make the biggest mess so that we would lose our table for the whole year. This angered Dr. Treif to the point where she invented the most wackiest punishment of them all assigned lunch seats.
In conclusion Dr. Treifs and other events in my life led me to not take things seriously and that is how I leave James E. Taylor high school.

Playing gorgon and being free
It was the only time that I could be me.
Slaying dragons and hunting trolls
Being rewarded with healing scrolls.
One day i wondered upon into a distant land
I had never explored a place so grand
When I looked at my map I discovered this
The island I was on was shaped like a penis
I headed back to Ogrimar (city of the orc)
Went down the trail and took a left at the fork
I found out I was lost in a pit of red lizzards
withdrew me sword and cut out some gizzards
I fought all day in that barren land
controlling gorgon with a mouse in my hand
This fantasy world soon came tumbling to an end
I hope mike fan doesn’t beat me again
Reality is what I had found
While trying to pick my face off the ground
For weeks after mike fan beat me
I no longer felt happy
I would not trade that event for the world though
It changed me and abled me to grow

His teacher gave him a 100 and only right "I dont really know what to say. It was funny but kinda sad". That is the life we live in this house. Funny but "kinda" sad.
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あきkewliopenguin on June 2nd, 2010 01:50 am (UTC)
omg. i don't know anything about your brother but yes, i get the comment about your home life. >.< crazy.
sunshine8flower: Reita: upset-carelesssunshine8flower on June 3rd, 2010 05:25 am (UTC)
I want to comment but I don't even know what to say. I can understand where you're coming from about your home life. And there are a lot of things I wish I could say to your brother, my younger brother had shit like that happen to him. People are so effin retarded. It's all very disenchanting.