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16 April 2010 @ 10:55 pm
Boy Meets School then Job then Job  
So I got a call today from the census people asking a series of pointless questions like "Will you be willing to go to locations that do not provide handicap accessible ramps?" or "Are you willing to drive at night?" then finally after twenty questions he finally asked, "Will you accept the job?" Very over dramatic, but I said yes. And now I'm a full time student with two jobs... I've already been working full time with my hours going anywhere between 30-50. I have to miss two days of school for training, which is fine if cyfair didn't fucking make attendance affect your grade and I've already skipped a bunch of days. And still I'm fine with skipping, but wait there's more. On those two particular days I just so happen to have an exam, annotated bibliography, and an oral poetry presentation. Ugh. I figured out a way to do the presentation and turn in my annotated bibliography early no problem, but that damn exam. Oh well. I don't know exactly what I'm compaining about. I'm really doing this to myself. I just really hate being home so I guess in a way I'm eliminating the time I'm here, but I don't know how to utilize my time. I always procrastinate till the last second, usually using all my free time on Pokemon, which I insist on making more difficult by EV training so I can be semi-godly. Blegh and I know I'm not the only one going to school and going to two jobs, my friend Sasha goes to school has two jobs and an internship and she is basically my idol/Goddess, because she still gets things done despite all of this. But I don't know I guess I have a low capacity of stress. Maybe I'm just complaing over nothing. I don't even know what I'm complaining about! I'm just typing to relieve a little stress. Also I need two jobs because if my mother is not reliable and if I have to put myself through a university as well... well I don't really know... I know that it is going to take me an extra year or two to graduate... and I already know that when I finally do transfer I will still work and go to school. I don't think I'll ever feel what it's like not to work, but I miss it. I miss just going to school and that's all I had to do. Sigh. I don't know.
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