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21 February 2010 @ 12:16 am
The Problem with Being a Human  
We're all assholes. Now we can argue on how this came about, whether the state of nature was bliss or insanity, whether it was the fruit of The Fall or the fruit of us all, but the end result remains the same: we are all assholes. Instinctively or subconsciously, or whatever adverb you'd like to use, we all know this and many of us try to prevent it. We have kids and try to snuff it out of them before they fuse with it. But destroying this symbiote is damned near impossible. You force your little carbon copy to say "Please" and "Thank you" but fail to use it yourself. This small crack opens the floodgate. And these words are not that fucking hard to vocalize. About as easy as using your blinker to signal to other patrons of the road that they lane they occupy is also the lane they need to be shared. You create a safe space between you and the vehicle in front of you and the gluttony of others takes this scrap for a buffet. You leave your fucking food all over the God damned table and floor with the assumption that some one else will take care of it for you, yet you forget that the service was originally provided as a courtesy you took that inch and spread it a mile. The trash can was right there on your way out, but just as your about to walk out to leave you think it easier to put the bag of chips on a clean table instead of the trash a few feet away. And I standing right behind you thanked you sarcastically and you dare give me that look. Your a grown fucking woman. You have kids. Yet you love to lead by example don't you. This cataclysm was caused by the catalyst of work. Of course I've been aware of the revelation of assholeosity harbored by humans, my beliefs were simply strengthened. Panera Bread is considered casual dining. The trash bins are placed for easy access to costumers and associates alike. We do not get paid waiter and waitress wages because we are not these positions. We bring you your food and out courtesy we pick up your mess, but use your fucking common sense. Today was busy to say the least. It was so packed we ran out of everything. I worked a double shift today. I came in at eight in the morning and by the time I left at eight thirty at night we were out of baguettes, whole grain baguettes, bread bowls, creamy tomato soup, tomato basil, foccacia, ciabatta, asiago demi, honey wheat, country, french... Well  let me put it this way. They only bread we still had when I left was a few slices of rye. We only had four pastries left. People kept pouring and we did not reach a slow point for many hours. People waited for tables to be cleaned. And you would think that since they had to wait they would be courteous and take care of their own plates, or at least throw away their drinks, but no. The food being put out kept pilling up because he had to stop constantly to clean dirty tables of large groups with kids trashing the place. You have kids. You want them to learn to clean up after themselves then clean up after yourself. Show them how it's done you fucking pieces of shit. I can't get over this. When Kevin and I would eat at Panera, before I worked there, we had always put our plate in the bus tub. No one told us to, my parents sure as hell didn't tell me to, I personally just couldn't have someone else clean after me when they make so I can do it myself. This goes the same for fast food restaurants. People think it's okay to just leave their trash and it's not. It's fucking lazy. And when I hand you your food, yes I am doing my job, but is it so fucking difficult to say thank you? What have I come to find in the melancholy world of service, about a third of the people in this world say thank you. I hand them their fucking food and they just look at me and I want to annihilate that face looking at me. I just can't understand it. What the fuck is wrong with people? What the fuck is wrong with you?
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